But Why?

Click here >>>Why isn’t Centric Auto Repair open on the weekends? Posted by Centric Auto Repair on Wednesday, March 16, 2016 Our Location Address 375 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd San Marcos, CA 92078 Phone: (760) 744-9664

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Local Business Gives a Car Away – North County – Watch her Reaction!

3rd Annual Car Giveaway Program Centric Auto Repair has generously donated a vehicle as part of their 3rd annual Car Giveaway program which is designed to help a local families, and give back to the community. Car ownership has the power to improve daily life, build stronger families as parents are able to take an […]

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Car Donated to San Marcos Boys & Girl Club Family – 2014

Recently, through the San Marcos Boys & Girls Club’s Adopt s Family program. Centric Auto Repair graciously donated a car to the Santiago family. Centric Auto Repair approched the Boys &Girl Club with a car they repaired and were interested in donating to a family in need. The club knew the Santiago family would be […]

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Drivers With No Front Plates Are Never Cited

Drivers With No Front Plates Are Never Cited I believe automated enforcement is unfair because it only targets honest drivers. Section 5200(a) of the California Vehicle Code requires that every car have a front license plate. Honest drivers have front plates and are fully subject to automated enforcement and the highest red light fine in […]

Why Does my car smell? – Centric Auto Repair

In the course of their normal operation, automobile air conditioners remove moisture from the air. This moisture can combine with airborne debris and settle in the system leading to growth of mold spores and fungi. This, in turn, leads to an odor in the air blown into the vehicle. Even worse, these spores can potentially […]

Looking for coolant leaks

1. Look at both the lower and upper radiator hoses located at the top and bottom of the radiator on the back side and held by hose clamps. Make sure the hoses are securely clamped to the radiator and aren’t leaking 2. Check under the car, inspect the radiator and look around the engine compartment […]

Tires Expire in Six Years

The evidence is clear: older tires are substantially more likely to fail than newer ones. This is because tires are made mostly of rubber, and rubber degrades with age. Sunlight, heat, ice, and general wear and tear can accelerate the breakdown of a tire. Once a tire begins to break down, it becomes more likely […]

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Now Hiring Automotive technicians

LOOKING FOR AN EXPERIENCED AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC/TECHNICIAN . PART TIME/ FULL TIME POSITIONS AVAILABLE MUST HAVE OWN TOOLS. ASE CERTS ARE A PLUS BUT NOT NECESSARY,. PAY BASED ON EXPERIENCE. must be honest and want to the job right the first time. please drop all resumes or fill out an application at address below. No phone […]

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FSP program is a FREE service

dial 511 on your cell phones = free 1 gallon of gas or free tow to the next exit. learn more In an effort to decrease traffic congestion and non-emergency phone calls to 911 while increasing motorist safety, 511 now offers a new option – Freeway Aid – which puts the power of a […]

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Dirty Window Art

3 Ways to Clean Your Windows with Vinegar First time with vinegar If you are going to clean your windows with vinegar for the first time, you need to add an extra ingredient to help combat the residue left over from commercial products. Here is Annie’s formula: 2 cups of water 1/4 cup white distilled […]