Hybrid Battery

Because we specialize in Prius hybrid battery replacement in San Diego County. Our Prices starting at $900. Free same day installation and 12 month unlimited mileage warranty. Don't pay the dealership thousands. Call us today!


We can repair your Toyota hybrid and have you back on the road in the no time!

Hybrid Battery Module Toyota Prius Camry Lexus 6.5ah* Tested at 7.6v+ with a 60Amp load** THOUSANDS OF MODULES SOLD!!

*6.5AH as measured when new under very low C rate. modules will not necessarily have 6.5ah just like the rest of your used battery pack
**Tested and maintains at least 7.2v with a 0.125 OHM load (~60 Amp draw) and holds 7.6v+ without load

Fits: Toyota Prius Generation 1 2001-2003

Toyota Prius 2004-2016
Camry hybrid 2007-2016
Nissan Altima 2007-2016
Lexus GS450H
Lexus LS250H
Chevy Tohoe Hybrid
Chrysler Aspen Hybrid

Contact us with any questions or inquiries. If you also need Nuts, Bolts, Copper or something else, we most probably have it …… JUST ASK!!

Don’t give up your Prius yet!

Hybrid vehicles are designed to last a lot longer than Gasoline-powered counterparts under one condition; As long as battery is good.

We have complete solutions for your Prius for less than half of the cost of the dealer's. We can repair your Hybrid battery, 12V Auxiliary Battery, Hybrid Inverter, Hybrid Transaxle/Transmission, Engine, and everything else in your car.